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14 January 2011

Everything is ok

More interested in play
As so many, we were inundated by the flash flood Tuesday.

As it was a 1 in 800 years rain event it is very unlikely we will see anything like this again in our lifetime.

Fortunately everything is ok with the horses and us.
The horses were not even phased, they rather had a lot of fun playing in the water.

The water was at an historic extremely high level. It can't get any higher as this as the flow of water will just get wider.

We moved the horses to high ground around the house, but they decided it was more fun to play in the water. They went into deeper water at about belly deep and played with the neighbor's dog (a Great Dane) who swam around them. They had a great time!
Some hours later all water was gone and the horses went back to grazing. Now they are feasting on an endless supply of partly wet hay.
The agistee shelters had some water in them, but we had been in time to put the saddles high and dry. Some feed was lost and there was a lot of mud. The sheds are cleaned already, one by our agistee and her family (thanks). Our hay (garden)shed is emptied, the wet bales were getting hot already.

All considering, we have been very lucky. The horses are fine, and the house only just started to flood in this 1 in 800 year event.. The water just started to seep into the house .. when the water retreated. Still all carpets had to be removed. But the rest of the damage appears very limited. Nothing compared to what many others have to cope with.

The BEC took a lot more water, the indoor inundated, barrels and water tanks floated away.
Saturday they will have a working bee. Double click to full size
Beards on wires
 Floating stuff
BEC indoor