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30 April 2012

Rapid changes

We did not update the blog for a long time. Too many other things to do and our group of agistees remained quite stable. Still it i might be worthwhile to report some main events for future reference.

The low point of last year was that Fatima lost her foal due to a premature birth. We will address this in a separate post. There might be some pointers for others to be aware of the sign of placentitis.

A better event last year, though a lot of work, was improving the soil in the lane way and under the shelters. 
First we had the top 30 cm soil in front of the sheds and under the shelters dug out. This soil was used to fill some gullies in the paddocks.
Thereafter we spread geotextile on the ground and placed a layer of 20 cm shale. Saskia compacted this with a vibrating roller.
As top layer 10 cm of deco (crushed granite) was spread around and again compacted.

In all it took 5 combinations (truck and dog) to bring the shale and deco that we needed.
Indy inspecting the result
In the heavy rains of last summer the shelters still got a bit wet, but generally there was a huge improvement over the previous years.