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18 November 2013

Beautiful foals

Both mares were due early October but decided that receiving apples multiple times each night (during checks) was well worth holding on to the bubs a bit longer.

But the happy day arrived and Fatima foaled a beautiful all black filly. Miss Loxley was born 15/10. 
All went well and mother and daughter quickly recovered. It was a terribly cold night so Missy got introduced to being rugged straight away using an old dog rug.

40 hours later, Dot also foaled at a very reasonable time of 2030. 
It was a bit difficult but a long legged chestnut filly came into the world. Dot was obviously sore and not overly sure what to with her foal but she let it suckle. The motherly feeling developed in the following days.

Unfortunately the foal had problems passing meconium (first manure) and had to be treated in the vet hospital. After returning from the vets, she developed an umbilical cord infection and had to go back to the vets for four daily injections. Poor baby! She recovered quickly and has come home. We named her Dyonah.

Below some photos of my kids.