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Agistment information

Vacancy status: Currently 1 spot available
If you are interested in agisting with DoubleDutchSportHorses (DDSH) give us a call.
Our contact details are given below.

If we are full we will add you to our waiting list and you will be the first to know if any space become available.

DDSH agistment seen from Burpengary Equestrian Center
DDSH shelters seen from the Burpengary Equestrian Centre

We are located adjacent to the Burpengary Equestrian Centre with:
  • large grassed riding areas
  • outdoor sand arena - 70 x 30m
  • indoor arena  - 70 x 40m with lights (note: fees apply; link to the online booking system)
  • permanent Cross Country Course - heights 60cm  to 1.1m ( EFA 1 Star; note: fees apply)
  • events nearly every weekend - you won't need a float .
  • You will need to become member of one of the BEC clubs to use the BEC facilities.

    Agistment facilities

    Our facilities are designed by us incorporating what we would have liked to have when agisting ourselves in the past.We have:
    • Large 0.4 acre paddocks for each horse, safely fenced with wide electric tape.
    • Large 4 x  4 meter (2.7m high) shelters with automatic waterers and feeders.
    • Large lockable storage area (4 x 3.5m) which you share with one other agistee for your gear and feed.
    • A saddle rack, bridle racks, storage shelves and storage wheelie bins are provided.
    • We can wash your rugs/ saddlecloths etc (currently $5/item).


    We provide part-care for $ 100 per week (muck out yourself) or full-care for $ 135 (mucking included) per week.
    Part care includes us feeding the horses twice daily and rugging / unrugging.
    Sorry, we can not give discounts for feeding yourself.

    You will have to provide your own hard feed.
    You can buy your own hay, or buy it from us (likely cheaper as we buy in bulk).

    For more details see our DDSH agistment contract and our  DDSH guidelines
    And our DDSH Indemnity form

    We have and had horses ourselves for decades so we know how important your horses are for you. Being located next to the Burpengary Equestrian Center gave us the opportunity to do some small scale agistment. We will try to provide the best possible care for your horses.
    No need for you to come to your horse when you are too busy, the weather is bad or you just don't fancy the drive. 


    If you have any questions please mail us:saskia@doubledutchsporthorses.com
    or call Saskia on 0432714593 (between 6-9pm preferably) or contact us via Facebook

    Our address:
    Double Dutch Sport Horses 
    128 Mathew Crescent,  Burpengary 4505, Queensland

    Layout horse shelter Burpengary BEC Brisbane DDSH
    Shelters high enough for 18 hands horses (this is Fordy)
    Shelter layout back view DDSH agistment
    Shelter lay-out: automatic waterer,  one feed and one hay bucket (Jester left, Fordy right)
    shed at doubledutchsporthorses agistment
    Shed lay-out: on each side two bins for feed, storage for hay and gear, saddle rack, etc.

    Electric fencing DDSH Agistment
    Electric fencing